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why circular?

because there is just one

at least one we know off

since the beginning the earth provided us 

what ever we used the earth took it back to create something new

it's called the circle of life

with the industrialisation and desire for a new beginning after war and destruction

step by step we started to use more as we needed and consumed faster as it is necessary

we created products which the earth simply could not take back anymore

now we need to find a way back, back to the circle of life

create products which the earth can take back without harm

and closing the loop again

No. 12 of the UN Sustainability Development Goals refers to the principles of the Circular Economy:

Responsible Consumption and Production


The Circular Economy Package by the European Commission


On 4 March 2019, the European Commission adopted a comprehensive report on the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan. The report presents the main achievements under the Action Plan and sketches out future challenges to shaping our economy and paving the way towards a climate-neutral, circular economy where pressure on natural and freshwater resources as well as ecosystems is minimised.  


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